emily wadsworth


Bike race: I always love watching any World Championships or Olympics as there is so much at stake.

Car: My 2003 VW Polo has done me well so far!

Meal: Chicken Pasanda curry with Peshwari naan, chocolate tiffin for pudding.

Challenge Tub: I like the Dune at the moment because you feel so fast!

OTE Product: Chocolate whey protein because they are an essential part of my daily protein pancakes.

Piece of MAAP clothing: I just love the bibs & jersey combo. It fits so well, is SO comfy and whenever I where it everyone comments on how cool it looks – an all round winner in my opinion.



Q1. Interests outside cycling? I like going to cafes, hanging around with friends and family and I also have a part time social media job for a sports hospitality company to keep me on my toes.

Q2. What would you do if you won the lottery? I’d love to travel the world and bring all my family with me.

Q3. If you could live anywhere in the world as a bike rider where would you live? Anywhere with guaranteed sunshine and plenty of people of ride with... maybe Girona?

Q4. One cool fact about you (NOT cycling related)? I gave up chocolate for 2016. It started off as a new years resolution (because I LOVE chocolate), then my competitive side took over and it became a yearly challenge.

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